One of the fastest growing healthcare distributors in the middle east

Wide range of Cardiology products

A wide distribution network of Hospitals, Speciality Clinics and Health Centres

Laboratory Diagonistics

Our Brands

Our Objectives

Establishing ourselves as one of the leading distributor into all segments of market (MOH, SEHA DHA, Police, University Hospital, Health Centres, Private Hospitals, Polyclinics, Private Clinics, Referral Diagnostic & Imaging centres)

Ensuring customer service without any compromise which includes:

- Maintaining of proper inventory for meeting customers’ requirements.
- Ensuring effective technical/clinical/application support/solution to our clients.

To establish ourselves as leading company serving high-tech sophisticated medical devices, niche area of consumables, unique medicinal and natural products.

Company will aim to be a major solution provider for all these upcoming healthcare projects ensuring that our presence will be established by focusing our major manufacturers/partners and our emphasis on customer service & satisfaction.